Academic Year 2014-2015

Jan 05, 2015

The seminary reopened after the Christmas vacation. Most of the fathers and brothers have reached back and the rest is expected join within a day or two.

Jan 06

Today was the Feast of Epiphany. We had a solemn Holy Qurbana in the evening.

Jan 08

It was Monthly prayer day up to noon with talk, confession and Holy hour. Rev. Fr.Mathew Uthirakulam was the preacher.

Jan 12

Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara rejoined the community after attending a meeting of Syro Malabar Bishops for the purpose of our seminary.

Jan 14

In the evening before the supper, everybody divulged the name of their Christmas friends and exchanged gifts. It was a nice time for all.

Jan 15

Jan 20

Today we celebrated the Feast of St. Sebastian. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Adappacheril was the main celebrant for the Holy Qurbana. Along with Fr. Adappacheril, festal greetings were extended to Bros. Puthenpurayil and Kumbidiyammackal, during the breakfast. There was an instruction by Rev. Fr. Rector immediately after the Ramsa.

Jan 22

Mission Day celebrations of ETC took place today. Programme began early in the morning. Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara inaugurated the programme and gave a short but inspiring message. There were a number of stalls offering games and other entertaining programmes along with the ‘Thattukada’ (Food Court). A lucky draw was also arranged for all. Another important attraction was the auction which earned a large sum for the Mission cause. Vincentian, Bethania and Premsadan communities joined the celebrations and for the lunch.

Jan 26

Today is the Republic Day of our country. After the Holy Qurbana, all gathered in the front of the seminary for the flag hoisting ceremony. Rev. Fr. Joseph Edattu VC, Rector of the Vincentian Study House, enriched all with a moving message.

As per the long standing tradition of ETC, today we celebrated the Village Day or ‘Ekta Divas’ (Children’s Day) for the children from neighbouring villages where brothers go for the Village Ministry on Saturdays. Around 600 children came for the programme. Games, competitions and cultural programmes were arranged for them.

Refreshment packets were distributed for the children and by evening they went back cheerfully.

Feb 01, 2015

Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara went to Pateri to give a lecture in the CRI meeting. A few sisters who are the participants of the CRI meeting along with Rev. Fr. Varghese Naickamparambil VC paid a visit to the seminary.

Feb 04

In the evening after Ramsa the flag blessing of the parish feast of the Ephrem Nagar church took place. Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara, parish priest, was the celebrant. The next two days are supposed to be the main feast days.

Feb 05

The newly ordained priests of the Eparchy of Satna, who are also our alumni, offered the Holy Qurbana today.

Procession of the parish feast took place today evening after the solemn Ramsa led by Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara. The prayerful but vibrant procession visited all the houses in Ephrem Nagar. Message of the feast was delivered by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Puthenpurayil, Vice Rector of Sherganj Minor Seminary, Satna. High celebrations took place with the help of music band and crackers. Many people in the Ephrem Nagar participated and sought the intercession of St. Ephrem.

Feb 06

Today morning we had the most solemn of our Holy Qurbana, i.e. Raza as part of the parish feast. Rev. Fr. James Akkamparambil was the main celebrant. Most of the Fathers of Ephrem Pariwar joined the concelebration. All of the Ephrem Nagar communities participated in the Qurbana and also joined ETC community for breakfast.

Feb 08

It was the Birthday of Rev. Fr. Mathew Uthirakulam. He offered the Holy Mass in themorning and the entire community greeted him during the breakfast.

Feb 10

The Vincentians of the newly ordained priests from our seminary along with a few other priests from VC congregation paid a visit to the seminary.

Feb 11

We were privileged to have His Excellency mar Sebastian Vadakkel, Eparch of Ujjain and the member of the Synodal ad hoc committee with us for the lunch. He came to Satna to address the eparchial Presbyterium.

Feb 12

Today we had the community picnic to Bansagar, a multi - purpose water project built by the states of Madhyapradesh, Uttarpradesh and Bihar. It was a pleasant time for the whole community.

Feb 13

It was the All Souls’ Day in the Syro Malabar Tradition and we observed it with a high sung Holy Qurbana. Office of the Dead followed it. We remembered all our departed brethren, especially, our dear and near ones and prayed for them.

Feb 14

Today we had Holy Qurbana in Malayalam and Rev. Fr. Danavelil was the main celebrant.

This was the day of Symposium on the ‘Catechetical Vision of the Syro Malabar Church’. Rev. Fr. Varghese Naickamparambil VC, Assistant Provincial Superior of the St. Thomas Province of the VC Congregation inaugurated the symposium in the morning. Rev. Fr. George Danavelil was the resource person for the symposium. Rev. Fr. Mathew Uthirakulam moderated the sessions. Rev. Dr. John Thoppil, the Dean of Studies, extended all a warm welcome and Bro. Kurian Uppukandathil proposed the vote of thanks. Candidates under formation for different congregations from Pateri, Premsadan and Bethania communities and a few fathers and sisters from Satna and VC congregation joined the ETC Pariwar for the symposium and for the lunch thereafter.

Reverend Fathers and representatives of brothers attended the Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee celebrations of Rev. Fr. George Appassery VC held at VC Study House.

Feb 16

Today was the Ash Monday. This day marked the beginning of the season of Great Fast. Sign of the cross with ash was marked on everybody’s forehead. Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Kochuthara was the main celebrant. Most of the Ephrem Nagar communities joined for this devout and prayerful event. ETC community observed fasting at morning.

Rev. Fr. Mathew John of the Eparchy of Bijnor reached here to take classes for First year theologians.

Feb 17

Rev. Fr. George Danavelil went back to Kerala. Village anniversaries, which are conducted in connection with the village ministry of the brothers, started today in the village of Nakti.

Feb 19

It was Monthly prayer day up to noon with talk, confession and Holy hour. Rev. Fr. Mathew Tharakunnel from Satna was the preacher.

Feb 22

Today, we received the shocking news of the unexpected demise of Rev. Fr. Varghese Parappilly of the Eparchy of Satna. He was also serving our seminary in the capacityof a visiting faculty. Reverend Fathers and brothers went to Satna Cathedral to pay homage to him and participated in the requiem mass held there.

Village anniversary took place at Poorva village today.

Feb 23

A requiem mass was held for the repose of the soul of Rev. Fr. Varghese Parappilly.Office of the Dead followed it.

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Thekkanath of the Archeparchy of Ernakulam – Angamaly reached here to take classes for the First year theologians. Village anniversary took place at Jawahar Nagar village today.

Rev. Frs. Joseph Ottapurackal and John Thoppil left for Kerala to attend the funeral of Rev. Fr. Varghese Parappilly.

Feb 24

Rev. Fr. Jose Koodapuzha of the Eparchy of Kanijrapally, also the former Rector of ETC, who is at present a resident professor at Kunnoth Seminary, reached here to take classes for the Second and Third Year theologians.

Today, Rev. Fr. George Appassery VC offered Holy Qurbana in the ETC chapel on the occasion of his Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee. He was felicitated in a short gathering

before breakfast and we presented him a gift as the token of our appreciation. Rev. Fr. Appassery VC was serving our seminary in various capacities of SpiritualDirector, Member of the Faculty etc...

Feb 26

Rev. Frs. John Paul and Robin of the Eparchy of Thucklay paid a visit to the seminary.

Feb 27

Bro. Varghese Kossackal left for Allahabad representing ETC in an Inter - Seminary Symposium organized by St. Joseph’s Regional Seminary, Allahabad. He wassupposed to present a paper on the specific topic allotted to our seminary. Village anniversary took place at Khamakooja village today.